Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Course


This 24-hour online course is designed to help the participants appreciate the importance of having a good attitude towards personal effectiveness and satisfying work life. It allows them to align their personal mission, vision, and values with that of the organization. It provides the individual employee with valuable experience toward a meaningful and productive life which will finally redound to organizational productivity. Practical learning experiences lead the participants on a journey to discover their own work value system. 

Module 1.  Personal Values
Module 2.  Mission And Vision Statements
Module 3.  Gem No. 1: Red Ruby: “Work And Economy”
Module 4.  Gem No. 2: Orange Garnet: “Building Unity With Others”
Module 5.  Gem No. 3:  Green Malachite: “Health And Physical Fitness”
Module 6.  Gem No. 4: Blue Sapphire: “Order And Harmony”
Module 7.  Gem No. 5:  Violet Amethyst: “Communicating As A Way Of Building Unity”
Module 8.  Gem No. 6: Indigo Citrine: “Wisdom And Continuous Learning”
Module 9.  Gem No. 7:  Yellow Adventurine: “Building Relationship With The Supreme Being”


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