Philippine Ports Authority

Mission, Vision, Mandate, Core Values


  1. Provide modern, sustainable, and resilient port infrastructures and facilities.
  2. Provide responsive, reliable, and efficient port services.
  3. Promote a regulatory framework that is transparent, fair, and relevant to the needs of all stakeholders in pursuit of a national port development program.


By 2030, the Philippine Ports Authority, as part of an integrated transport and logistics system, shall have provided port facilities and services at par with global best practices and a port  regulatory environment conducive to national development.


“To establish, develop, regulate, manage and operate a rationalized national port system in support of trade and national development”

Core Values

        T ransparency

R eliability

   I nnovation

              P rofessionalism

        S ustainability

                     S ocial Responsibility

Our Team

Training Institute


"PPATI has always been a heartful and supportive part of all the trainings provided to every individual . Nothing more coz' delivery of quality service runs in the blood of PPATI people."
"For me, the services that PPATI have extended to us is already excellent. What they need is just to sustain it."
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