Port Facility Security Officers Training


The mandatory implementation of the requirements of the ISPS Code in all ports of the country as an international strategy for ensuring security in the ports demands the designation and accreditation of Port Security Officers (PSO) and Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO).  Training of port personnel involved in security and contingency planning for seaports and port operations personnel in the effective implementation of the ISPS Code is a pre-requisite to IMO accreditation.  Thus, there is a need to conduct this specific course of instruction for designated port facility security officers of PPA-hired and private port personnel and other personnel and those with no security duties in the different port terminals of the country. 

This 3-day course of instruction is designed to provide instruction and proficiency in compliance with the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code.

Module 1.  Introduction To The Course
Module 2. PPA General Port Regulations
Module 3. Maritime Security Policy
Module 4.  Security Responsibilities
Module 5.  Port Facility Security Assessment
Module 6.  Port Facility Security Plan
Module 7. Security Equipment
Module 8.  Threat Identification, Recognition, And Response
Module 9.  Port Facility Security Actions
Module 10.  Emergency Preparedness, Drills, And Exercises
Module 11.  Security Administration
Module 12.  Security Training


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