Handling and Securing Cargo


This 24-hour training course is designed to provide an overview of the key processes involved in cargo handling activities taking into consideration the characteristics of cargoes. It focuses on general safety precautions when loading and unloading, stowing, and securing cargoes under the provisions of relevant international and local regulations, codes, and standards concerning the safety of cargo handling activities. The course also tackles procedures for safe entry/exit into/from confined spaces and working safely at heights. 

Module 1. Introduction For Safe Handling Of Cargoes
Module 2. Handling Cargoes Manually
Module 3. Cargo Stuffing/ Unstuffing
Module 4. Cargo Stacking
Module 5. Cargo Stowage
Module 6. Securing Of Cargo
Module 7. Working In Confined Spaces
Module 8. Working At Height


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