Terms and Conditions

For the settlement of webinar fees for PPA programs, kindly drop by at the PPA Port Management Office or Terminal Management Office nearest you or pay via bank deposit. Details of the PPA Bank Accounts are as follows:

Bank Name:  Philippine Veterans Bank

Account Name: Philippine Ports Authority

Account Number:  0042-004939-100


Bank Name:  Landbank of the Philippines 

Account Name:  Philippine Ports Authority 

Account Number:  0281-5088-90

Kindly send us a photo or a scanned copy of the official receipt and deposit slip once payment is made together with the following details:

  1. Name of the Participant:
  2. Course/Webinar Attending:
  3. Name of Company/CHO:
  4. Tax Identification Number (TIN)*:
    (*TIN can be Individual or Company depending on the Payer’s Name that will be reflected on the Official Receipt)

Please settle your account for the courses at least three (3) days before the webinar.

For additional inquiries, kindly email us at ppati@ppa.com.ph.

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